Meet the Team: Dan R

What better way to get in the know with everything Studio Film School than catching up with our wonderful workshop leaders? Each week we’re speaking to one of our workshop leaders to find out what fantastic things they’re working on in the world of film.

This week’s fortunate victim is… Dan R!

Meet Dan R, one of our fabulous filmmaking team

Meet Dan R, one of our fabulous filmmaking team

So Dan, we’re going to start with the most important question. What’s your favourite film?

My favourite film? The Dark Knight, obviously. I love that film. 

Good answer! That’s an absolute favourite here at Studio Film School HQ. 

It’s an incredible trilogy in general. Batman is awesome.

Oh, absolutely. Can you tell us how you got into filmmaking?

I think my initial interest in film started with my love of comic books and the interesting visuals created through both of these mediums. So, having spent many years involved in the technical side of theatre, I decided to combine it with my love of films, which led me to pick up a camera and start my exploration of filmmaking. I joined the Studio Film School team as an assistant around five years ago, and since I’ve trained up as a workshop leader and helped many more young people with their productions.

Very interesting. What are you currently working on here at Studio Film School?

I’m currently working on some really exciting projects, which I’m thrilled to be a part of. I’m enjoying leading two after school clubs at Charterhouse Square School and Ibstock Place School, where I work weekly with young crews on different themes. This term we’re working on productions inspired by ‘Shoot Like Spielberg’, which explores loads of great techniques associated with his directing, like circular frames, tracking shots and the ‘Spielberg face’. I’m also leading on the brand new Saturday Film Shoots in Chelsea, where I’m working with lots of new joiners. That’s great fun, and running lots of birthday parties.

Wow, you sound busy! Is there anything you can tell us about your upcoming personal projects?

Well I’m always really busy helping out with community theatre productions at Putney Arts Theatre, where I do a lot of the technical operation. I’m also finishing off the edit on a short film I shot last year about some particularly evil jelly babies and I’m in the process of planning a short film to shoot, hopefully later this year, so watch this space.

Please do let us know when it’s finished so that we can share it with our members – I’m sure everybody would love to see it!

Oh, that’s good to know. I will do.

So Dan, another integral question. Can you describe yourself in 5 words?

5 words? Err… Enthusiastic. Thoughtful. Interested. Fun. Fab? Does Fab count?

Fab definitely counts. And we agree – you are fab. Onto the final question. Now just a word of warning, Dan. We love a good disaster film here at Studio Film, so we’re asking all of our workshop leaders disaster film scenarios to see how well they would cope. Are you ready?

I’m not sure. I hope I can handle it.

I’m sure you can. So, your parents have decided to take you on a luxurious cruise around the world, but one night the ship hits an iceberg and starts to sink. What do you do?

Find a camera, make an award winning film and I wouldn’t trust Rose.

Haha, brilliant! Thank you so much Dan, we’ve loved catching up with you and good luck for the first term in Chelsea for our Saturday Film Shoots!

That’s all for our Meet the Team section for this week – stop by again next Tuesday for the next episode of Meet the Team!

Until next time,

Sarah @ Studio Film HQ 🙂

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