Our Top 12 Family Horror Films

It’s almost that time of year again!

This Halloween weekend we’ll be hosting our first film festival, a collection of family friendly horror films set in an immersive scare experience. We’re really looking forward to the event and are thrilled at the range of films submitted by London based short filmmakers in response to the brief.  We didn’t think ‘Family Friendly Horror’ would be an easy genre to find, but we’ve been very surprised at the strength and quality of each of the films and we’re looking forward to sharing them in our creepy science lab setting! Find out more

To put us in the right frame of mind to choose the right six to show, we thought about our favourite feature length family friendly horror films… Here’s our Top 12 (because we couldn’t agree on just 10). In no particular order…


The Witches
Based on Roald Dahl’s classic book, The Witches, Luke and his grandmother Helga take on a quest to rid the world of witches, including the Grand High Witch, who plots to turn all the children into mice.


In this Tim Burton Frankenstein-inspired tale, Victor attempts to bring his beloved dog Sparky back to life, unaware of the monstrous consequences.


Norman has supernatural powers – he can speak to the dead. Using his powers for good, he takes on ghosts, zombies and grown ups in a battle to save his town from the temper tantrums of a long dead witch.

The Addam’s Family

Uncle Fester makes a return,  25 years after going missing, and causes havoc for the Addam’s family in this macabre comedy about the strangest family around.

images-3Monsters Inc

Everything is going to plan at Monsters Incorporated, the biggest and best scare factory in the land. Two of the scariest monsters, Sully and Mike, are doing a great job, until they meet Baby Boo and allow her a look inside…

Hocus Pocus

Three hundred years after the Salem witch trials, three sisters are resurrected on Halloween night. It’s up to Max and Allison to stop the witches and save their friends from a terrible curse.


Kat moves into Whipstaff Manor with her paranormal specialist dad, striking up a haunting friendship with Casper the friendly ghost. Together they try to find the secret that will bring him back to life.



In this dark stop motion animation, Coraline ventures to the Other World, where she meets with her Other Mother and Other Father, who have much more sinister intentions than in the real world.


The Corpse Bride

Another Tim Burton classic, combining both horror and a touch of comedy (and music) in this Victorian tale about a man who accidentally marries a long dead bride.


Three scientists set up a firm of ghost hunters just as paranormal activity starts to increase in New York City. It’s all going smoothly, until they are commissioned to deal with Zuul, a demi-god who plans on sticking around.


The cutest monster movie ever! Strange but delightful creatures, Mogwais turn from being cute little pets into terrifying little monsters and run rampage on the city.

Plenty to keep you busy this Halloween weekend! If you’re a fan of horror films, then you can also come and take a look at the brilliant short films we’re screening as part of the festival. Find out more at www.doctorhydenshriek.com and keep up to date with festival progress here.

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