Updates from the Set: Stunt Trouble Day 2

Day 2 of Stunt Trouble has been even more adrenalin fuelled and action packed than Day 1. We’ve had a busy day at both our Balham and Hampstead centres and our films are beginning to take great shape.


We began the day with a prosthetics and special effects make up workshop, which our young filmmakers loved! They learnt to create their own edible fake blood (which of course looked gross but tasted awesome), and created their own grazes, bruises and gruesome wounds. Our crew members did a great job at making them look gory and realistic.


After perfecting our prosthetics, we played around with different ways that we could shoot these on camera. We planned a four shot scene to give some thrilling back story to our oozing wounds. Our young filmmakers had some really creative ideas, and we got some great close ups for our film, including earthquake disasters, explosion scenes and even some zombie apocalypses.

After lunch, we brainstormed what else we could use within our film to make it even more action-packed. Our Balham centre decided to have a go at creating some classic ‘Spielberg faces’ (reaction shots) to pump up the adrenalin for our viewers. On the other side of the river at our Hampstead centre, our young filmmakers were shooting individual push in and pull out shots to capture some tense on-screen footage.


It’s been a busy and productive day with our young film crews, and we’re really looking forward to our final day of Stunt Trouble. See you tomorrow for our final Update from the Stunt Trouble Set!

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