Updates on the Set: Stunt Trouble!

We’ve had a flying start to our three day Stunt Trouble workshop, with plenty of thrilling footage on our SD cards already. Our Balham and Hampstead centres have been hard at work, and we can’t wait for what tomorrow’s workshops have in store.

At our Hampstead centre, we started the day by breaking the ice. Some of our 16 strong crew knew each other already, so we played a few team bonding and camera based activities to relieve any first morning jitters for those who were new to the crew. The ice quickly broke and we became quickly confident with the filming to come.

We ran head first into filming with story boarding and planning our own high energy chase sequences and scenes. We split into three mini crews and began shooting. There was so much variety in the footage, from apocalyptic finale scenes to traditional ‘good cop bad cop’ chases. We saw silhouettes against the sky, POV tracking shots and CCTV style high angles. We shared the footage back which was loved by the rest of the crew. 
After more team activities and games, we had a chance to rehearse and shoot our very own green screen diving shots. Our young filmmakers did an excellent job of varying the shots – we managed to capture footage of dives, jumps, rolls and leaps before editing them into explosion scenes during tomorrow’s workshop. 


tomorrow: cuts and bruises makeup!

Today has been action packed and despite the name of the workshop, we’ve had no trouble coming up with ideas for stunts, chases and adrenalin fuelled explosion scenes. 

Stay tuned for more Updates from the Set tomorrow!

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