Updates from the Set: Saturday Film Shoots Autumn 2015

Dan, company director and workshop leader writes about workshops on 26 September.

On Saturday we reopened our doors to our Saturday Film Shoot sets, and were excited to announce our brand new theme.

We have named this season as ‘Shoot like a Girl’, and all three centres in Chelsea, Highgate and Balham will be creating films inspired by workshops themed around films produced by women.

I deliver on two workshops on a Saturday, which is a great day for me: two very different crews and always two very different film projects.IMG_7268

Some of my Saturday Film Shoots group were really excited about the theme, with naturally the girls being particularly excited about it – but there was a pleasing reaction from the boys too. We had a brief discussion about inequality in the film industry before getting our teeth into our first film project.

We watched Rocket

  – a really nice film directed by Virgin Media Shorts winner Jennifer Sheridan before setting about making two films inspired by it. The groups worked together to create some ‘practical’ camera effects, and onscreen trickery. It was really fun watching the groups come up with creative ways to position themselves, each other, camera equipment and props to convey a range of effects. Presley did some great acting imaging being trapped inside an enormous mug. We saw giant cups, teleportation and tiny people – all without a hint of post production. We can’t wait to show you the results…

I was really pleased with how the groups took to the challenge in the tight time brief, and I can’t wait to see where they end up next!

In the afternoon, I work with the Startups group, who work in a more technical and advanced way. Sheena and I decided to throw a scriptwriting challenge at the group this week. We showed the group the beginning of Touch by Jen McGowan. Then we challenged the group to write a dialogue and IMG_7260film an imagined ending to the film. It was great to see the completely different directions the groups took the idea. 

Again, we saw some really creative camera work going one – one team using lots of POV shots to convey some action that would otherwise need a stunt team, and another team producing a surreal time-warp shot in a convincingly naturalistic way. Special bonus points must go to Patrick who created a very convincing train foley effect out of two suitcases – just close your eyes and listen to this:

Saturday Film Shoots and Startups sessions are run on a weekly basis in Balham, Highgate and Chelsea, for more details visit http://www.studiofilmschool.co.uk or call 020 7101 9329.

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