Top 10 Spielberg Spectaculars

With the beginning of a new term comes a new filmmaking theme here at Studio Film School. This term our after school club members are learning how to ‘Shoot Like Spielberg’ – to help them along the way, we thought we would give them all some inspiration and list our top 10 creations from the world-class director.

Number 10 – Jurassic World: The less-impressive-but-still-awesome sequal to the original Dinosaur disaster movie. Although incredibly similar to the original Jurassic Park, Spielberg has updated this classic for a newer, more modern and tech-savvy audience.

Number 9 – War of the Worlds: Tom Cruise – check. Aliens – check. Bags full of suspense and shocking moments – check. What’s not to like?

Number 8 – Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark: The brainchild of Spielberg and Star Wars creator (and legend) George Lucas. Put two film geniuses together and this is the result – the first in a series of hilarious and intriguing family action films.

Number 7 – Lincoln: An outstanding biopic about an outstanding man. This film was a hit with critics everywhere, gaining 7 Golden Globe nominations (including Best Motion Picture) and 12 Academy Award nominations.

Number 6 – Close Encounters of the Third Kind: The original sci-fi thriller film, in many people’s opinions. An absolute classic of a Spielberg flick.

Number 5 – Saving Private Ryan: Prepare to be taken on an emotional whirlwind of a journey. This spectacular film won a whopping total of 83 awards. Need I say more?

Number 4 – E.T.: A bittersweet film about childhood, family and finding your way back home. We love this film so much, we even named one of our MacBooks from our Mac suite after it! If you fancy a weep, check out this amazing clip from the screentest… 

Number 3 – Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs. An awesome backdrop. A brilliant story line. Crazy special effects. More dinosaurs. The best use of a glass of water ever. This is a 90s childhood favourite at Studio Film HQ!

Number 2 – Schindler’s List: It’s not often you can make such a tragic and heartbreaking film so beautiful – unless your name is Steven Spielberg, of course.

Number 1 – Jaws: An absolutely ground breaking film for its time, we are yet to come across anybody who doesn’t like this film. The original fear factor film – Jaws tops our Spielberg chart for sure! We love its use of POV – an inspiration for all aspiring filmmakers with a low budget, as well as the famous trombone shot!

Don’t agree? Think we’ve missed one from our list? Then let us know! Tweet us, leave us a comment on Facebook or send us a picture of your favourite Spielberg film on Instagram!

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