Meet the Team: Joel

It’s time for another instalment of Meet the Team. This week’s fortunate victim is… Joel!

Hi Joel, we hope you’ve had a great time at our Stunt Trouble workshop in Hampstead this week. So, what is your all-time favourite film?

My all-time favourite film has got to be the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I read the books as a child, and I just think that the films are epic. The cinematography and the costume and production design is immense.

Great choice. And if you had to choose, what would be your favourite Studio Film School film?

I worked on Aliens vs Zombies in Balham during October half term, and I have to say that I thought ‘Virus Attack: the Infected Dead’ was an awesome film.

If you had to describe yourself in 5 words, what words would you choose?

Outgoing, hipster, relaxed, creative and fun.

Can you tell us a bit about what you’re currently doing with us at Studio Film School?

Well for the past three days I’ve been at our Hampstead centre for the Stunt Trouble half term workshop. I’ve been assisting with Dan and Sarah, and it’s been great fun. We did so much including green screen effects, stage combat and special effects make up and prosthetics. Although I’ve helped assist half term projects in the past, I think this week was definitely my favourite.

And can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up?

I’ve been shooting and producing a music video for a band, as well as doing some photography for a local charity. I’m also currently writing a short film about a Saturday morning football coach who is having a mid life crisis.

That all sounds really interesting. And how exactly did you get into filmmaking/media arts?

When I was 12, I was cast as the lead in a short film called Little Boy Zero. I really enjoyed the experience, and it made me realise that I wanted to make films myself. So I decided to study Media at the Brit School, and then went on to study film at University.

And finally, imagine you’re caught in a fierce storm during a flight, during which your plane crashes and you become stranded on a deserted tropical island. Your only companion is a volley ball, which you name Wilson. How do you bide your time?

I would make musical instruments out of bamboo, twigs, brambles and coconuts. I would also build a raft to try and escape. If I was unsuccessful at escaping, I’d then make characters out of the trees and coconuts and make up stories to keep myself entertained.

Brilliant – let’s hope you’re more successful at escaping the desert island than Tom Hanks was! 

Join us next week for more ‘Meet the Team’, and enjoy the rest of your February half term.

Sarah @ Studio Film HQ 🙂

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