Video of the Week

This week’s Video of the Week is ‘The Abductor’, a short thriller made by the brilliant students at Dulwich College. The film is full of nail-biting suspense, an absolute must for any white-knuckle action flick. In the run up to our February half term workshop, Stunt Trouble, we thought this film is a great example of why suspense is vital in any action film.

‘The Abductor’ is inspired by the re-defining Spielberg classic, ‘Jaws’, exploring ways to build up suspense by not revealing the monster in a film. Anticipation is key in building suspense, and allowing our viewers to use their imaginations to predict the worst (e.g. what the monster looks like), for as long as possible, is a great and simple way of pushing viewers onto the edge of their seats.

So why is this important for an action film? If you’ve ever seen an action film (let’s face it, who hasn’t seen Batman or Mission Impossible?) you’ll more than likely remember the shocking plot twist that leads to the climactic action sequence, where the bad guy is beaten and peace is restored. In order for these factors to be so thrilling, we need to create a build up – and that’s where the suspense comes in. Viewers need to feel anticipation and confusion in order to get them ready for the final battle. And ‘The Abductor’ just does that – it keeps us on the edge of our seat, dazed and confused (in a sophisticated and intelligent way).

If you’re joining us for our February half term workshop, Stunt Trouble, we highly recommend you sit down to watch ‘The Abductor’ ready for the workshop to come!

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