Let the Camera Games begin…

This term I’ve been working with a brand new group of young filmmakers at the new Hampstead workshop centre. We’ve only had two sessions so far, but the group are so much fun that it almost makes up for missing my old (and wonderful) group at the Highgate centre.

This term’s theme is “The Camera Games” – it’s a bit like the Olympics of filmmaking. We get set a challenge by HQ and then have to respond to it, to the best of each group’s ability. Last week we were sent a piece of music, and we have to now make a film that uses the music somehow. Great stuff.

I like this one because it reminds me of the creative potential for film. Early film artists reckoned popular film only became largely linear when they developed sound recording and added in dialogue – up until that point popular film was playing around with loads of other styles. I sometimes like to try and imagine the possible parallel universes where we go to the cinema to watch pure montage.

Also, when I was younger (and had a lot more free time) I was absolutely obsessed with MTV. I still love music videos, and my first attempts at making films were as a teenager, shooting videos for friends in bands, so I was excited to get to try this kind of thing out with my new group.

And it was brilliant. Out went all the rules, and in came all the ideas. We spent the session on Saturday sharing and developing ideas and in what has to be the easiest planning session I’ve ever seen, we simply decided to use all of them! I won’t tell you their idea, because it is a competition with all the other groups, so we’re keeping this one close to our chests. But I can tell you that it’s wildly imaginative, completely implausible, yet somehow very everyday, intensely colourful and wonderfully abstract. It really is. And it’s silent. Basically, it’s all those other things that film can be when it’s not linear. It should be great fun to shoot and I’m very excited to see how it turns out.

I hope the other groups are quaking in their boots. Watch this space…

Donna @ SFS

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Director at Studio Film School. Views are all my own, etc etc, nobody else would entertain them.
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