Meet the Team: Sadie

We thought we’d take advantage of the calm of January to revive our Meet the Team blog posts, so here goes and we hope you enjoy.

IMG_3404This week’s fortunate victim is… Sadie!

It’s great to see you Sadie, we hope you had a lovely Christmas?

Yes I did thank you. I watched lots of TV, ate lots of food and wore my Christmas jumpers, so lots of fun all round!

You can never wear too many Christmas jumpers. So Sadie, in traditional ‘Meet the Team’ spirit, I’m going to start with the second most important question. What’s your favourite film?

Well, if I had to choose just one, then I would go for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.


And now for the most important question, what’s your favourite Studio Film School film?

I would have to say Inside Once Upon a Time, which is a brilliant film created by our young filmmakers from our Summer Film Shoots in Balham last year. A group of children on a school trip manage to get stuck inside a storybook and then have to find clues and solve riddles to get back home. I won’t spoil it for you, but there are one or two creepy surprises on their way!

Can you tell me a little bit about how you got into filmmaking?

Well, when I was younger I used to watch Disney films every day. I really wanted to make my own, so I drew out all of the characters. I then began making comics as well- I had a really big passion for art and drawing, which then developed into a love of animation. I studied animation at university and started making my own stuff. I wanted to share that passion and some of the things I’d learned with young people who wanted to make their own films too. And a few years later, here we are!

Can you tell us about what you’re currently doing with us at Studio Film School?

So back in October I created an animated film called Zombie Boy for the film festival, Dr Hydenshriek’s Laboratory. That was great fun, because I collaborated with Ash and Nic from Studio Film School too. They performed the voices for me and we had a great time recording those. I also designed the promotional artwork for the event which was pretty cool. I’ve been leading Saturday Film Shoots, holiday workshops and after school clubs quite steadily since the beginning of the year, and now I’m the Centre Leader for Highgate. So it’s all very exciting. I also attended the Red Carpet Premiere event on Sunday, where a few of my after school clubs showcased their work, which made me really proud.

That is very exciting! And have you got any other projects coming up?

Well outside of Studio Film School, I’m also working on an animation about wolves, so watch this space, but until then I’m looking forward to working with my group in Highgate on The Camera Games challenges. I know they’re going to do some really amazing stuff this term.

Can you describe yourself in 5 words?

Bubbly, smiley, friendly, positive and sparky.

Great choices. Ok Sadie, your final question for today – get your thinking cap on. If you were stuck on a boat in the middle of shark infested waters and an enormous Great White is heading straight for you, what would you do?

I think sharks are friends rather than enemies, so I wouldn’t be too worried. Anyone who has seen Finding Nemo knows that sharks are vegetarians! However, I am scared of fish, so I would be more concerned with that.

Haha, very interesting!! Well thank you for joining us Sadie, and we can’t wait to see what your lovely filmmakers in Highgate and at your after school clubs create this term. 

Neither can I!


That’s all for this week – keep an eye out for the next instalment of ‘Meet the Team’!

Sarah @ Studio Film HQ 🙂

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