Congratulations to the red carpet filmmakers!

Well done to all the young filmmakers who joined us at the Curzon Soho cinema yesterday! It was great fun and a pleasure to share your work up on the big screen, which is exactly where it belongs!

Yesterday morning we were joined by the Year 5s from Netley Primary School, who made a series of short films inspired by the Netley community past and present, as well as a few adventures into giant territory. We also saw films made by members of the Studio Film Club after school programme, where young filmmakers from six different schools came together to celebrate two term’s worth of filmmaking success.ASC Screening Jan16 - 36 ASC Screening Jan16 - 15

We were incredibly impressed by the range of red carpet outfits and paparazzi poses – everyone had a great spirit about them and it helped us to enjoy the event even more.

The films were all a tremendous success, each one was very different with its own unique qualities, but we could see through each screening just how hard each of the young filmmakers had worked in order to bring their ideas to life.

The filmmakers from Netley shared with us ‘A Valuable Lesson’, a film that explored the impact on pollution in a fun time travelling adventure, as well as ‘The Green Lady’, a beautiful and surreal tale around acceptance and prejudice inspired by memories from Netley’s past. The films were great fun, imaginative and thoroughly entertaining – a triumph from the Year 5s who all contributed.

The Studio Film Club members presented 9 different films that they had made looking at cinematic storytelling conventions and directing techniques associated with Steven Spielberg. We saw plenty of circular frames, some dramatic and well choreographed tracking shots as well as lots of surprise and emotion. Each film was completely unique, telling stories of aliens, gorilla escapes, ancient mysteries told in symbolic scrolls, earthquakes and amateur detectives. Every film was fun, skilfully produced by the young crews and a really enjoyable watch.

As ever, with any of the films produced by our groups, the young people are responsible for everything up on the screen: from the storyline, to the costume design, the camera work, the direction, the fantastic performances and also most of the editing too. Watching them up in the cinema reminds us just how much they’ve actually done to produce such entertaining films and it’s an honour to see how they have each grown in confidence.

Yesterday we were treated to some wonderful impromptu speeches from the Netley filmmakers, which made it even more special for us to enjoy, and some of the best audience cheering we’ve ever heard. All in all, it was a fantastic day, which we enjoyed from start to finish. Thank you to everyone involved for making it such a memorable event.

The films from the event will shortly be available on our YouTube channel, so keep your eyes peeled for those, and photos from the event can be found on our Facebook page.

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