Save 50% on membership at Hampstead

We are so excited to be launching Saturday Film Shoots at Heathside Prep School, Hampstead. 

From January 9th, we’ll be welcoming new filmmakers and working with them each week to build up creative and technical skills, as well as produce a series of brand new films based all around their ideas. 

The Saturday Film Shoots are all about creative expression – it’s a chance to try out ideas, spark off one another and grow collaboratively. The fact that members work on productions throughout the year means that they get to apply their newly developed skills whilst making films they can be truly proud of, learning about the creative process and commitment along the way. 


During October half term 2015, we visited Hampstead to deliver an ‘Aliens vs Zombies’ Halloween themed workshop, which produced this exciting trailer: We can’t wait to see what the Saturdays crew produce… 

It always feels so rewarding for us when we see members progress and we are confident that there is amazing film potential at the Hampstead centre. When we ran a Summer Film Shoot in Hampstead in 2015, the workshop produced two quirky and distinctive comedies. Take a look at The Tale of Little Red by the younger group, or at Keeping Up with the Kids, a sophisticated mockumentary from the older group, which had members and parents alike howling with laughter when we screened it at the Curzon cinema. The Saturday Film Shoots offer a longer journey with more progression, so if this is the quality from just five days in the summer, then we’re looking forward to seeing the work from the course of this year. 

January’s theme will be “Challenges” and we’ll be looking at creating projects to specific briefs. Not only will this be great for generating ideas and teamwork spirit within a new group, it also means that members have the opportunity to win a Studio Film Award in their first term with us. 

For more about the Saturday Film Shoot programme, take a look here.

All round, the Saturday Film Shoots offer an opportunity for those with an interest to fall in love with film and to meet new friends with a shared passion. We’d love to invite you along for a free trial session to find out what it’s all about. The first 20 members receive half price membership until July 2016, so don’t delay, get involved!

If you’d like to join us, get in touch at or call us on 020 71019329

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