Updates from the Set: Reach Higher at Burlington Danes Academy

Company Co-director Dan Farrell writes about Studio Film School’s latest project Reach Higher at Burlington Danes Academy…

We’ve been given a really exciting challenge, a school we’re working with this term need us to create a documentary that explores why boys at their school don’t choose English at A Level.

It’s really nice to know the film will be something of use to the English department, as well as (hopefully) being an inspiration to students for years to come to consider their career options.

Over the next 12 weeks (we’ll have Christmas off), we’re exploring what makes a great documentary looking at creative approaches to interview and journalism and how editing can really pull the project together with flair. We’re also going to invite a range of professionals to be interviewed for the film by our crew. We’re hoping to find a mix of people that have careers that you wouldn’t necessarily guess would have stemmed from an A Level in English.

Of course, the film will be entirely directed, interviewed, shot and edited by our filmmakers a group of year 11 and 12 students at Burlington Danes Academy:

Shooting our first short film was really fun! Sheena showed us a couple of neat tricks one of which was a very useful focus trick for long shots for my scene where I walked down a corridor smiling like an idiot.                            (Harvey, year 11)

Sheena Holliday, workshop leader says:

It has been a really fun project so far. We’ve been working on the different styles the documentary could be, and experimenting with composition to make our shots look beautiful. I’m really excited to see the finished film!

Hopefully our crew will uncover some interesting applications and skills that come from studying the subject. Does anyone know any astronauts?

On top of all this – the group will also be working to gain an Arts Award Bronze level qualification.  We’re keeping them busy!

For more information about our workshops, please call 020 7101 9329 or head to http://www.studiofilmschool.co.uk.

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