Updates from the Set: Saturday Film Shoots

Half way through the Autumn season, company director Dan Farrell shares a few insights and snippets from the Saturday Film Shoots.

This season we’re focussing on films created by women, on a project we’ve called ‘Shoot Like a Girl’.

waynes-worldWe’ve deliberately ensured that the project remains creative and technical, and not too ‘issue-based’, and most importantly: fun! We’ve had sessions inspired by Wayne’s World‘s use of breaking the fourth wall and extreme wide shots in Lost in Translation and lots more. But, at the same time we’ve touched on really interesting points, and had some thought provoking conversations and debates within the workshops with our members.

For example, Sadie – one of our workshop leaders, ran a workshop inspired by Saudi Arabian filmmaker Haifaa Al-Mansour. As a Saudi woman, Al-Mansour had to communicate with her cast and crew from a car away from the filmset, and used a walkie-talkie to issue direction.


Haifaa al-Mansour

Sadie used this idea and turned it into a really interesting challenge – and asked her young filmmakers to direct a film from another room using walkie talkies. The group had to focus on making sure their language was clear enough for actors, camera operators and the whole crew to be able to understand what was going on – and our young directors were often surprised about how hard it is to interpret a spoken instruction.

“That project really helped us with our communication skills” said Sammy, in year four.

We’re really excited about the creative work happening in all of our centres in Balham, Highgate, Chelsea and cannot wait to open the doors to our Saturday centre in Hampstead in January.

Saturday Film Shoots runs for ten sessions per season, with the current one running until 12 December 2015. For details on how to join in the fun, please email info@studiofilmschool.co.uk or call 020 7101 9329.

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