Meet the Team: Ash

What better way to get in the know with everything Studio Film School than catching up with our wonderful workshop leaders? Each week we’re speaking to one of our workshop leaders to find out what fantastic things they’re working on in the world of film.

This week’s fortunate victim is… Ash!

The wonderful Ash in action

The wonderful Ash in action







Ash, thank you for joining us for our second edition of Meet the Team! Let’s start with the ultimate question – what’s your all-time favourite film?

Star Wars Episode IV – an absolute classic. It’s a great example of a director going ‘all out’ to get his film made. It’s either that, or Space Jam.

I agree, it’s an incredible film. As a Star Wars fan you must be really excited for the new film being released this December?

Excited is an understatement.

Absolutely. So Ash, what’s your favourite Studio Film School production?

Oh, now that’s tough. If I was forced to choose, I’d have to say ‘Origins of Heroism’ – I particularly love Ace and his time travelling guards!

Good choice! It’s always good for our members to hear about how our team members got into the industry. Can you tell us how you got into filmmaking?

Well, I’m originally from an acting background. I was in a couple of films and TV programmes as a kid, and I always used to think ‘how did they make this?’. I found the production side of things really fascinating.

Awesome. You sound like you’ve been involved in some really interesting projects. Can you tell us about what you’re currently doing with us at Studio Film School?

I’m doing a lot of work planning and leading children’s filmmaking birthday parties which is always great fun. I’m also getting myself prepared to workshop lead and edit for the Aliens vs. Zombies half term workshop next week which should be awesome. And finally, I’m going to be acting as a crazy lab assistant in Dr Hydenshriek’s Laboratory, Studio Film Schools first film festival taking place over the Halloween weekend.

And what about any other projects you’re involved in?

Well, in keeping with the Dr Hydenshriek’s Laboratory theme, I’ve actually voiced an animation film made by the lovely Sadie which will be shown at the film festival next week.

That’s great – we’ve heard lots about Sadie’s animation and we can’t wait to see it! Ok, now for the random questions… Describe yourself in 5 words.

Hmm… Simply, a great film maker.

Haha, very good. Onto the final question… An asteroid is due to hit the earth in 7 days and destroy mankind. You have been chosen as one of the lucky few that will be sent to another habitable planet to rebuild human civilisation. You are allowed to take 5 items with you, what do you take?

Easy. A table tennis table, a bat, a ball, a game boy and tetris.

Brilliant! Well thank you so much for joining us Ash, and we’re really excited to have you joining us for a jam-packed week full of Halloween fun! We’ll see you on Monday!

See you Monday.

That’s all for our Meet the Team section for this week – stop by again next Tuesday for the next episode of Meet the Team!

Until next time,

Sarah @ Studio Film HQ 🙂

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