Updates from the Movie Musical Set!

This week is our final project of the summer holiday before our team scurry back to the post-production room and get all of our films polished and mastered for the cinema. But, before we go, we have one last special film shoot to go – and it’s Movie Musical Week!

Over five days our young filmmakers will shoot, direct, perform in and edit their own music videos – set to their own recordings of two musical classics!

BMus15 - 1

Yesterday our brilliant workshop team were joined by Billy Elliot’s resident director, Simon Pollard, for a special masterclass in acting through song – and he shared a few tips and insights from inside the world of the professional musical!
The crew really got into the swing of things, and enjoyed asking some questions about the show and how musical productions work and Kaia asked:

Do you have to be a triple threat to be an actor?

(A triple threat is a term meaning an actor who can act, sing and dance.) No! Lots of actors are terrified of singing, and there are lots of different types of show and lots of roles for all sorts of people.

BMus15 - 3

Spookily…one of the warm ups the group was doing is known as a siren. Because of the noise you make when doing it! Just as the group started to siren…the fire alarm sounded as the building was having a fire drill. I’m sure the neighbours loved hearing us warm up in the playground!



Today we are getting more shots lined up and planning our shoot for two videos that will look and sound amazing! We can’t wait to share them with you!

For more information about the workshops we run, head to www.studiofilmschool.co.uk, and for details about Billy Elliot take a look here.

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