Celebrating Six Years in Balham

Last week, we ran our EIGHTH Summer Film Shoot in Balham! Needless to say it was amazing fun and it was great to see so many familiar faces returning, some of whom have been attending since we first began running film workshops here six years ago. It’s always astounding to think how we’ve seen them grow up and to watch their creativity flourish, building their skills year on year.

At the Summer Film Shoot, which now runs twice a year in Balham, young filmmakers meet, share ideas, learn new creative skills and apply them to a five day film production that results in an original and unique short film. In just one week, they plan, shoot, edit and perform in completely unique and original film productions driven by their imaginations. Each year, we theme the event to inspire and educate about a range of different films from history and around the world, and once they’ve been made, we present the films up on the big screen in a special cinema screening, complete with a red carpet.

To celebrate the success of our filmmakers over the last six years, we thought we’d compile a list of favourite films from the Balham Summer Film Shoots and share them with you. There has been such a huge array of productions, with inspirations ranging from Hollywood’s golden age, fish out of water comedy… When we look back at all the ideas and creativity that have gone into these productions, it’s incredible how much has been achieved in term of progression and talent from all the young filmmakers at our Balham centre. We couldn’t be more proud.

Heist – 2014

A comedy heist film, featuring one of our favourite plot twists and some of the most inept bank robbers we’ve ever seen!

Terminal Unknown – 2012

An obscure, largely silent journey… But where to?

The Chocolate Factory – 2013

Made by some of our youngest ever crew members, we’re continually charmed by this lovely adaptation

Death at Midnight – 2014 

A film about making a film, inspired by one of our favourites, Singin’ in the Rain.

The Prototype – 2010

Our first ever film by Balham crew members! It comes with warm and fuzzy memories (and also resolution… It was six years ago after all).

Aliens Vs SuperKids – 2012

There’s some brilliant superhero special effects in this all time favourite!

What have been your favourites?


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