Update from the Set… Hampstead’s Summer Film Shoot

The summer holidays have begun, which can only mean one thing: we are knee deep in Summer Film Shoots!

We love the summer – it’s a chance for us to work creatively with lots of imaginative young filmmakers on week-long productions. We always get great ideas, bundles of enthusiasm, tons of hard work and the result tends to be a really good film and lots of fun making it. We’re always impressed with our summer filmmakers, who get better and better every year.

This year saw our first workshop in Hampstead, which took place in July. We had two crews of young filmmakers aged 7 – 11 and 11-14 make short films from scratch, getting involved in every aspect of the process. They developed their ideas, worked collaboratively and shot, edited and performed in their films. The younger group produced an adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood (the wolf a little more adorable than horrifying) and the older group made a film all about making a film… It got a little bit surreal at times!

The crews worked over five days, mastering lots of different shots and camera angles, as well as lots of the jobs you would find on a real film set; directing, producing, camera operation, clapper loading and more. There was also lots of creativity and attention given to production design, with the groups making their own props and designing their sets and costumes. Towards the end of the week, they also set about editing their films, thinking about how to sequence their footage and creating dramatic effects by adding music, transitions and special effects.

BSFS15 - 1

Behind the Scenes on one of this year’s Summer Film Shoots!

It was really inspiring to meet so many new filmmakers for the first time, and it feels like there is some incredible talent to be found at the Hampstead workshop centre. Everyone was passionate, imaginative and supportive of one another, so through the week we could see huge amounts of progress in team work and in the quality of their filmmaking and all-round creativity. It really shows in their film, which we’re now busy applying the final finishing touches to (all the boring bits like rendering) before it’s very exclusive cinema unveiling at September’s Red Carpet Premiere. We think all the filmmakers involved will be very proud of their hard work and the end result.

From September, the Hampstead centre will also be offering weekly Saturday Film Shoot club sessions for young filmmakers interested in developing their confidence and technical skills further. We’re excited to meet even more new filmmakers here and build on the success of this first workshop. For more information about the Saturday Film Shoots, or the Summer Film Shoot programme, take a look at http://www.studiofilmschool.co.uk.

Until then, we can’t wait to share the films from the Summer Film Shoot 2015 with you!

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