On Set with… Becky & The Saturday Film Shoots

For our Saturday Morning at the Movies project, my group (filmmakers aged 11-13) has been working on a murder mystery with a twist. The story is inspired by Bugsy Malone and tracks a scene from The Shining.

The group has created a story based around the murder of a much resented lottery winner who holds a reunion… An amnesiac, with the help of a detective and her less competent colleagues, who are also attending the reunion, they begin to unravel the night’s events… It’s really suspenseful and the group have been working hard to build the mystery all term.

We’ve been working on developing an effective non-linear narrative, the technique that informs our film. We are thinking about flash backs and POV shots as well as paying particular notice to the style of acting, through minimal dialogue and expressive performance. We are also looking at using lots of tracking shots to increase tension.

The biggest challenge so far has been shooting the murder.  We are finding it difficult to film our victim Stanley falling convincingly to his death (without actually hurting him of course). Although his death pose is amazing – it’s some of the best ‘dead’ acting we’ve seen!

Although we have not yet embarked upon editing, I think there will be lots of options for a non-linear narrative. Our challenge here will be to pick the version that is the most helpful to the audience, without immediately giving away the plot.

With just a week left to finish, I can’t wait to see what our options are before we screen it in the cinema!

Becky 🙂

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