Behind the Scenes on Road Safety with TfL

This spring we’ve been working closely with Queensmead School and Bishopshalt School to help a group of aspiring filmmakers to create a film to educate their fellow pupils about road safety and to encourage a culture of walking to school.IMG_5276

The project has been funded by Hillingdon council, and is part of a larger project ran by Transport for London’s Youth Ambassadors scheme.

IMG_5366With TfL on board, we were delighted to be able to film on real bus (we’re all for imagination and shooting on a budget – but we never say no to a location shoot!).

The lovely people at Alperton Metroline bus garage were more than happy to lend us a bus for the day!

Over just five weeks each crew was challenged to direct, shoot, perform in and edit their films. They went even further with this, and persuaded some generous teachers to lend us their cars, and there’s even a pretty impressive choreographed dance routine (many thanks to Michael for some great work here)!

Celebrating the end of great a shoot!

Celebrating the end of great a shoot!

Our team, headed up by Nick, were impressed by the crews’ creativity, and enjoyed working with their team of filmmakers! The films are in the final stages of post-production now, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

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