On Set With… Sadie & The Saturday Film Shoots


The Saturday Film Shoot crews are working hard to complete their adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood this term

Welcome to a look behind the scenes on our set in Highgate. We’ve been working very hard on a fairy tale adaptation for the big screen!

Our group have been looking at the building blocks of fairy tales and how we can subvert and change them. You will recognise the story, but may be surprised with our take on it! Working together as a team, they added in elements and morals that meant a lot to them.

The crew have been focusing on set design this term, getting our production values cinema ready! We haven’t gone this in depth with set design before and have found we really enjoy it, so this is a new skills for members to add from this term.

It has been a bit of a challenge getting our set looking the way we wanted, but I think the team has succeeded. “I feel really proud of what we made today!” members said after the session. Hopefully you will agree when you see the final project!

We’ve got some very big scenes coming up that I can’t give away yet, but I’m sure it will huff and puff and blow you away!


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