Film Review: Jurassic World

Sadie from SFS went to see the latest Jurassic Park film, see what she had to say in her review of Jurassic World

Sadie from SFS went to see the latest Jurassic Park film, see what she had to say in her review of Jurassic World

Now I’m a bit of an anomaly, because I am not too familiar with the original films… A crime, I know. I’ve been told off severely by several fans. Though that does mean I was not clouded by bias and nostalgia going in to Jurassic world. Saying that, I loved this movie.

It opened with the original famous John Williams score, which really bought you into the action and set the tone for the film, setting a balance between appeasing a generation that grew up with the originals, and introducing a new age of Jurassic fans.

The film gives you exactly what you would want, dinosaurs, dinosaurs and more dinosaurs! There is no teasing, you get what to see the amazingly realistic animals from the beginning, and seeing more of them only gets better. I started to feel more empathy to the digitally created beasts than the human cast.

The acting in the film worked well, you were never really thrown out of the action and there were some great comedy moments where the whole cinema laughed. Chris Pratt was great as the leaden man Owen with a connection and deeper understanding with the dinosaurs. Bryce Dallas Howard plays Claire, the parks operations manager, one of the few women in the film. She is smart, brave and has the impressive ability to run from dinosaurs in heels.

There was a lot of action as you would expect, very cleverly done, as there was no overt in-your-face gore, but it didn’t shy away from what would happen with a island of loose hungry “dinos”. At points I think members could learn from this movie when making their own films; you don’t need graphic violence to keep the audience in the edge of their seats.

I think Jurassic world is a great summer popcorn flick and well worth a watch. Some of the character development was a bit lacking and seemed a bit strange, but what you are here for (the dinosaurs, in case you hadn’t guessed) were brilliant. Callbacks to the original Jurassic Park will entertain fans, while not alienating newcomers to the franchise. I now want to go back and watch the others!



Sadie 🙂

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1 Response to Film Review: Jurassic World

  1. danjofarrell says:

    Saw this yesterday – I loved it. I think the moment Claire opens ‘paddock 9’ will go down in cinema history!
    I’d totally agree about some odd character development, and we did discuss on the bus home whether the portrayal of women was particularly favourable. The women in the film seem to either be ice queens or damsels in distress!
    But, this is a brilliantly entertaining film, and knocks the dinospots off Jurassic Park 3.


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