A bit about Startups in Highgate

Realising that I haven’t blogged in about, well, the whole year, I thought I would share a bit of news about what I’ve been up to with my all new group at Studio Film School in Highgate. This is in the somewhat vain hope that some of my ‘old’ group in Balham might possibly read this, realise that I miss them too, and share with me what they are up to as well. (I should point out for the benefit of anyone else that my ‘old’ group were 10 and 11 last time I saw them in the spring).

Since September, I’ve been working with a ‘Studio Startups’ crew in Highgate. We’re small at the moment, with just six members, but they have BIG ideas.

So far this term, we’ve had a look at some Spielberg techniques, including circular frames and emotive direction, as well as a look at the Rule of Thirds. They’ve also been planning out some ideas for their next production and tomorrow we’ll be deciding whether to produce:

a) a tragic love story set in a boxing ring, think Romeo and Juliet meets Rocky

b) a story of friendship and redemption as a priest and an alien lifeform heal one another through their respective crises of faith

c) a satirical allegory about the suppression of youth and vitality at the hands of a mysterious regime

As I said, big ideas. Big enough to make me wonder why Hollywood producers are so intent on all these blockbuster remakes… They clearly aren’t looking for imagination and originality in the right places! (They are, of course, welcome to stop in at Highgate at any time!)

I’ll keep you posted once the group have made their decision tomorrow, and share the film with you once it’s ready. In the meantime, if my dear old group of Balham filmmakers want to let me know what they might be up to this term, it might even make me blog a bit more often…


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