Studio Film School’s Top 5 Horror Moments

In celebration of this special time of year, a huge influence in the world of film, we’ve reviewed and compiled a list of our Top 5 Horror Films made exclusively by our very own members! It’s been tough selecting a Top 5 list from our many successful films, but these are the most nail-biting, fear-mongering, leg-quivering films you want to be watching this Halloween!

The Tell Tale Heart

This abstract take on an Edgar Allan-Poe classic is sure to keep you on edge with thrilling tension. With a great variety of shots (such as extreme close ups and point of view shots) and the constant use of disorientating sound effects, you’re kept in constant suspense right through to the climactic ending!

The Basement

The Basement adopts a constant sense of climactic chaos right from the start. With fantastic characterisation from the actors and a documentary/home video filming style, this story is more than believable! The sense of realism combined with the use of flashbacks keeps you gripped right through to the cliffhanger ending. An all time favourite at Studio Film School HQ!

Found Footage

An original horror film from our Saturday Start Ups, this documentary/home video style horror film is just as gripping as the previous! The constant change of shots and point of view keeps the audience dazed and confused, intensifying the horror experience.

The New Friend

This silent film is an interesting take on the classic story of Frankenstein. The black and white set up enhances the terrifying atmosphere by providing us with great contrasts of light and dark. The frequent music changes introduces the mood of each scene to the audience, allowing us to be scared much more easily! The story has a great flow with a great, climactic end!


Again – another take on a horror classic! As with most vampire flicks, the expressive make up and fake blood provides us with squeamish, gory delight. The visuals of the film are particularly enticing – with little dialogue, a great depth of field in the variety of shots, and of course the use of extreme close ups makes this film all the more tense!

Fancy a Watch? Find us on YouTube!

If you’re keen to have a gander at our Top 5 Horror Moments this Halloween, or any of our original Horror films, check out our YouTube channel: Happy Halloween everybody!

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