Studio Startups

Over the course of the last year we completed three full, short film projects at “Studio Startups”.

The first was called ‘Knock’.  This was a thriller about an unexpected knock on the protagonists door.   “Knock” was an interesting project as it was one of the first times we had written a screenplay prior to the shoot. Furthermore, one of the scenes in this project was set in a dark interrogation room with only a few lights; this being interesting because we were able to play with the lighting in the room to get the effect we were looking for. Startups has given us, as filmmakers, more freedom to experiment with and improve our technique.

Our second project was entitled “War of the Worlds”. In this project we made a film inspired by Orson Wells’ radio broadcast “War of the Worlds”. Our film focused on the reactions of an elderly man who is listening to the broadcast but is unaware of the fact that it is fictional. I do believe that  in this project we had an unclear focal point and we did not really have an understanding of what we wanted the film to be; e.g. parts of the film were comedic and others were serious. I think this was partly due to different parts of the story being formulated by different members of startups when no one had fully established the film’s tone. However,  I do think that this was different to anything we had done before and so was a good learning experience.

The third project we undertook was called the violinist. This was a short film about a man who accidentally kills a busker in his frustration. This incident leads to his mental trauma. He persistently sees the busker wherever he goes and this results in his mental stability to decline. His insanity eventually drives (yes, the pun is intended) him to death. However, there is a twist, which i’m not going to tell you 😉 You will have to watch the video to find out. I think that making this film was a real indication of the progress we have made in startups. Not only was our idea very original and creative but we also worked much more efficiently as a team in this project. Despite a number of complications when shooting we still managed to maintain our speed and finish the film.

Being responsible for some of the editing of the film also turned out to be a good learning experience. By watching through the clips and having the job of putting them together, I was able to see all the mistakes we made while shooting. When editing, I was often in a situation where I wished we had got a certain type of shot as it would make the edit smoother. However, I will keep these things in mind for next time and so will further improve my filmmaking ability.

The first year of startups has been a great learning experience and most importantly it has been fun.

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