5 Films I saw recently

5. Godzilla or Godzillaaaaa as they pronounce it

Once you get over the cool visual effects and occasional epic scene, it really isn’t anything special. The script is boring and there are a lot of “how did he survive that” moments. I saw it at the imax and was overwhelmed by the whole thing. Don’t waste your time is my advice.

4. All is Lost

Again, impressive cinematography but it lost its way 😀 ! It’s all to do with a guy alone and lost at sea, he only speaks on a rare occasion. It’s very hard to watch as he does annoying, frustrating things which don’t seem to make logical sense. Why would you shave once you see an oncoming storm ? Why not prepare? It begins with an insight to his personal life but doesn’t really follow it up, frustrating. However it is nicely done and is a good film on the whole.

3. The Internship


2. To Kill a Mockingbird

One of the only black and white films I’ve ever seen and I enjoyed it. It’s set in Alabama so you have to use subtitles as the little guy does’t speak properly but it is heart-warming. Obviously not as good as the book.

1. Kings of Summer

The Best. Seriously my favourite film of all time. It’s a coming of age comedy where three boys build a house in the woods. One critic described it as Stand by Me and Superbad rolled into one, what isn’t there to like ? The soundtrack is amazing and it’s wonderfully acted. You could not ask for more. 100% brilliant. Watch it and love it.



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