The LEGO Movie

I was never a huge fan of LEGO when I was younger so I only went to see this film as it was the only thing showing. As I handed over what seemed like my life savings to the smug cineworld employee, I prepared myself for disappointment. A film about LEGO? Really? There were more children in that cinema than there were bricks in my Star Wars LEGO Battleship set I have sitting, unfinished, in a cupboard in my house. A lot of them had loud wrappers… It was not looking good.

However I was wrong. It was actually rather good. The film was incredibly clever and well- orchestrated, I didn’t once think “why am I sitting in a cinema full of 10 year olds watching a film about LEGO”. It was  fast moving and very witty, lots of clever little references. Often I was reminded of the times I used to play LEGO with my friends, with calls such as “what the hell is this for?” and “who has a blue 4×2?”. Even minute details such as one of the characters having a broken helmet and worn off stickers, which is exactly what happens to those stupid little toys brought a very funny and relatable feel to it.

I also liked how it was done, it was entirely CGI but it looked like stop-motion and real LEGO. Everything was LEGO even the credits at the start and the water.

So I thoroughly enjoyed it and i strongly recommend it to anyone, like me, had a brief encounter with LEGO.

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